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Forum Rules
General Rules
General Rules

Detailed Rules, Privacy Statement and Terms of Use are located at http://forum.clapalong.com/showthrea...Policy-and-TOS Please read all listed to ensure all rules are followed.

1. The official language in Games, Forums and all Services is English!, Please use PM only if you must speak another language.

2. All posters shall be deemed to have read and agreed to obey the General Rules.
* Ignorance of the Rules is not an excuse and will not be a valid justification for breaking any rules.

3. All members shall obey related laws and regulations, and bear sole responsibility for the contents they post. Our Forum shall not be responsible for any consequences caused by the members' posts.

4. Search and read up before asking a question! We do have a FAQ page. Feel free to post if you cannot find your answer there. But please make sure it is in the right section.

5. We have a report system. In each post, you could find a 'Report' button in the top-right corner. Any member who sees any post violating these rules should click the Report button. Thanks for your help!

6. No special characters (๖ۣDя♥ for example) are permitted in your game or account names.

Rules for Registration

1. A valid email is required when registering your account so that we can contact you in time when necessary! Please note that you cannot change your email account after you have registered.

2. Please don't use the following nicknames and signatures
* Those containing vulgar, unhealthy, indecent, insulting or aggressive contents.
* The IDs or nicknames containing ad contents.
* The IDs or nicknames containing the name of any Clapalong channel or column without Clapalong consent.
* The IDs or nicknames that resemble those of Clapalong moderators/administrators and are likely to cause confusion or disputes.

3. The Moderator or Administrator will send you a PM to warn you to make certain modifications if finding your nickname, avatar or signature doesnít follow the above rules, lest there should be any disputes. If you don't modify your nickname, avatar or signature in time, the administrator shall have the right to ban your account.

4. Multiple Accounts are not Permitted. Multiple Accounts are defined as one user who logs in using more than 1 email address or password. Having multiple accounts can be subject to being banned or deleted. If proof is enough for verification of Multiple Accounts, action will be taken without notice. If suspected of Multiple Accounts all accounts in question may be asked to verify their identity or they will be subject to a ban or deletion.

Rules for Posts, Messages and Chats

Inappropriate Acts/Contents

1. Spamming is not acceptable.
* Advertisements to other sites that are not ClapAlong
* Posts that are not related to the topic at hand
* Posting the same thing multiple times rather in the same thread or creating multiple threads for the same thing
* Making posts with the intent to ďBumpĒ a thread
* Basically anything that is not beneficial or useful to the thread in which you are posting.

2. Disclose someone's photos or private info without his/her consent.
* This is a simple concept, if it isnít you that you are talking about; donít give out anything about another user.

3. Post something that is deemed as flaming, vulgar, insulting or aggressive by the moderators or administrator.
* Content that is defamatory, libelous, slanderous, discriminatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, sexually explicit, harmful, invasive of a person or entityís
privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, in violation of any applicable law or otherwise objectionable or insulting
* Content that directly or indirectly harasses, threatens, embarrasses, or causes distress or discomfort to another user or third party, such as repeatedly
sending unwanted messages or making insulting or offensive statements about race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion or religious
figures, age or disability.
* Personal attacks, hate speech and harassment will not be tolerated;
* Attempts to impersonate another person, such as a ClapAlong representative or another user or attempts to mislead participants by indicating that you are
affiliated with ClapAlong or its partners
* Content that refers to real life violence, use of illegal drugs or engaging in illegal activities.
* Content that is meant to be negative or insulting against any user, the Moderators, or ClapAlong in any way.
* No matter what you believe or what has happened to you, itís never okay to insult others. Not even self-defense justifies it, or the fact that the object of
your harassment ďreally is a total jerk, I swear.Ē If what you have to say is not civil, just donít say it.
* Yelling (POSTING IN ALL CAPS) is not permitted. One or two words to emphasize a point is acceptable, but even a sentence in all Caps in not permitted.

4. Attach illegal links in the post or signature.
* Illegal links include any links to any site or content that is outside of the ClapAlong websites or servers. This includes any personal pages or sites, other game
sites, or reference material. (except where authorized by ClapAlong event and only in that context)
* Uploading of pictures to an offsite location is acceptable providing that you simply follow the guide on Uploading Pictures located here.

5. Promote methods or tools that impair the game balance, like the unacknowledged private servers and third-party programs.
* Discussion of other servers (clones, Asian versions, private servers) etc.
* Discussion of any hacks or exploits which can be used to gain any advantage. With the exception of making a report of the above mentioned hacks or
exploits. An acceptable report would be mentioning that there is a bug or hack and this is what it does, without the method for which one would use it. The
method used should be done in a private message to a ClapAlong Moderator or Administrator or in a Ticket to the Customer Relations Team.

6. The post, nickname or signature involves any cash transaction.
* Any and all discussion of any cash transactions between users should NOT be posted. No one needs to know how much money you have spent and you
have no way to confirm how much money any other has spent.
* Selling accounts or items for money ARE NOT permitted in any format or fashion.

7. Be Polite to ClapAlong, Moderators, and Each Other
* This is a Golden Rule type rule. Donít behave in any fashion that you wouldnít want anyone else to treat you. You can also look at it as donít say or do
anything that you would be ashamed of if your Mother or Grandmother saw you say or do the action.
* ClapAlong games are eligible for players of many different ages. Keep the conversations and words used appropriate as such. PG or PG13 is a good rule of
thumb to use here.

8. Problems with Rewards, Purchases, Lost Items or Contents must be submitted with tickets.
* The Moderators are more than willing to help resolve any issues that can be resolved; however any game rewards and/or Purchases cannot be handled by
the Moderator Staff. These issues MUST be presented in an Official Ticket. After that point, if you are not getting a response, you may post it in the forums
and LIMITED help can be provided at that point.
* Please do not post information from tickets in forums for the purpose of violating any of the above stated rules.

9. Do not bring your fight here.
* If your intent with a post is to cause a fight or aggression between yourself and another user, Moderator, Administrator, or ClapAlong, please stop where
you are and do not make the post. This would be in direct violation of the rules stated above.

Note: Contents that feature the above inappropriate elements may be deleted directly without warning. Those who seriously disobey the related rules will be banned to post or be punished with their accounts banned!

Penalty Rules

As a warning, those found disobeying related rules for the first time will be banned to speak for 1-12 hours, with their involved illegal info deleted by the moderator or administrator, while those found disobeying related rules for the second time will be banned to speak for 12-120 hours. Those that keep disobeying the rules again and again will be punished with their accounts banned permanently. If you disagree with any penalty given to you, you may send a private message to an Administrator or open a Ticket to discuss the action. Creating a new account and discussing the penalty in open forum will result in the Post deletion and second account being banned as well.

Please note that ClapAlong reserves the right to interpret these rules as required on a case by case basis. ClapAlong reserves the right to change these rules as required and your continued use of the service is your acceptance of the rules.

Reporting Problems

All reports of problems and issues should be accompanied by an appropriate Screen Shot. Appropriate Screen Shots are Screen Shots that include your entire browser window so that the URL, Game, Server Number, Game Name, Server Time (Date if available) are included in the picture. Please only include one browser screen per Screen Shot, so that whatever you are reporting can be read.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

 I have read, and agree to abide by the ClapAlong Forums rules.